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Can anyone actually LIST the rewards for Crackdown 2, for having Sunburst with all the achievemtents, and the Facebook game.
As well as visa versa?

Been looking a while now, and cant find a definative explination, just old videos of before they were released.

Also, Ive just been given Crackdown 2 for free.
What can i expect if i start playing? Aload of cheevos or items?
Do i need both DLC installed and then ill recieve stuff?

Is there a quicker way or easier way to go for 100% with both DLC in, and Sunburst cheevos done, and Facebook game???
:P Just wondering, because if i can demolish this game for cheevos insanely quick i might bother playing it. Didnt really enjoy the demo, kept wanting it to be Prototype xD

Please msg if working on:GTA4, GTA5, All GoW
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