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Originally Posted by niko da bos View Post
i have asked this before, but not sure if i ever got a responce. if i missed a winter-time favor, like throwing the snowballs at people or something. are those still available after i beat the game? in other words, if i am STUCK in perminate summertime after beating the game, can i still get those winter errands for students? or are they missable? i stopped trying for 100% after i realized that i had missed a errand from wintertime. def not going to replay the whole game for 100%
By favor do you mean errands? You don’t have to do every single one of them. There are something like 50 and I believe you only need about 40. I did 44 of them and several of the ones I’ve seen on the guide never showed up, so you should be good if you only missed the one.

What percentage are you at and what do you have left to do?

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