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Originally Posted by Ravenhood View Post
So, I just bought this yesterday, during the Boxing Day sales. I figured there'd be some decent challenge to the game, at least at a few points, but today, I got the fastest 1000GS I've ever received. And that's after playing Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. =S

What about the rest of you? Would you say this is the easiest 1000GS you've completed (obviously for those who have all the achievements), or is there something even easier that you've completed? (And I don't mean things like NHL/NBA 2K6 or Avatar, those are too simple to count; think more of games that actually require a playthrough. XS)
FUCK NO it wasnt the easiest 1000. i had a hell of a hard time getting invincible. dantes inferno def the easiest ive done so far that required a full playthroug
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