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***I guess I’ll post this here as well, although I want to point out that I’m not looking for a boosting partner, just people who like the game and would be interested in an online cruise/racing.***

If anyone is interested in playing this game online reply here or send me a massage. I’m not talking about boosting, though I’m willing to help you with that as well, I’m just looking for some grown adults who would like to get online now and then in a cruise and have a few races just for the fun of it.

I’m getting fed up with the online community for this game, its mostly kids/teenagers who spend all their time talking shit when they win or throwing fits when they lose. That and it seems everyone has those damn modded cars so you cant even get a fair race. I also like all the vehicle classes in this game but in most of the online matches all everyone wants to race is the bike or one of the exotics. It would be kinda nice to just race muscle cars or tuners for a change.

Anyway send me a message if your interested. Again please be an adult, (21+) I have no interest in playing with kids/teenagers.

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