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Originally Posted by R3D 5k3tCH View Post
As my title says, I've unlocked and completed all of the Goal Attack races but for some reason the results aren't displayed for the races when I go to the Goal Attacks Landmarks menu. These are the races I'm having problems with:
•Downtown to Sunset Music
•Wilshire to the Georgian
•Hills to Century City
•Sepulveda to 4th Street
For Downtown to Sunset Music the 1st place icon is highlighted in the menu, but the hammer, clock, and star aren't. The other three races don't show anything at all, as if I didn't even do the race. I even turned off my Xbox, restarted it and beat the races again, but still nothing. Funny thing is that my end time for each race appears in the leaderboards confirming that I beat them within the time limit... If anyone's had this problem or has any idea on what I should do please lemme know. Thanks.
I’m not sure if this applies or not, but there’s more to it then winning the race. Also the time limit shown under your stats is going to be the fastest time you’ve ever beat that race, whether that’s in goal attack mode, tournament, arcade or side race. If you meet all the goal attack requirements when you look in your stats you should see the following:

Race time - xx:xx.xx
Beat target time - Completed
Complete all goals - Completed
Min damage - Completed
Won race - Completed

At the end of the race click on Race Results to see if you made the target time. If the 1st icon is the only one showing up then you’re winning the race but not within the time or damage limit. If you’re sure this isn’t the case try clearing your cache and try again.

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