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My Beautiful Caravan - 5
Own 1 house (caravan)

This will be the first achievement you unlock and will come naturally through the introduction to the game.
You'll be introduced to 'Solar Crown' and will be taken to a house where you can start off your driving career, once you've been taken to your Caravan, this achievement will unlock.

Subprime crisis? - 30
Own one house from each level

This description is a little vague and may cause some confusion. You are required to at least 1 house with each star rating.
The houses in the game are given upto a 5-star rating and you'll be required to purchase a house with a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and a 5-star rating.
As you will have the Caravan from the start of the game, you have 1 0-star rated house.
To buy a house, you can either find it in free-roam or visit your local Estate Agency in the "Spots for Avatar" tab in your Map ().
Here is a list of the cheapest available houses in each star rating;
0-Star: Caravan (Should have this house from the start of the game)
1-Star: Fontanelles house - $95,000 - Ibiza Area 1
2-Star: Refuge house - $198,000 - Ibiza Area 2
3-Star: Tropical House - $311,000 - Hawaii Area 3
4-Star: Kahuku Point Paradise - $1,110,000 - Hawaii Area 2
5-Star: Yacht - $5,000,000 - Ibiza Area 1 **

** There is a way to save money if you want to keep your cash from buying the Yacht.
Make a copy of your save game BEFORE you buy the houses onto another Storage Device. Then load up your game on your COPY device, buy all of the above houses for the achievement, then refer to your MAIN save, to have the money from before.

Fashion Victim - 10
Change your clothes or hairstyle 40 times

For this achievement, you are required to either visit a Barber and get a hairstyle then leave the barbers for it to register as a change. You can repeat this 40 times for the achievement.
Alternatively you can buy 40 different items of clothing, enter a closet in one of your houses, change your outfit and leave the closet for it to register as one change. Repeat this 40 times for the achievement, or you can group the two methods together through natural progression to save repeating this one over and over.

Hard earned money - 10
Bank the maximum level of F.R.I.M. (10)

See Easy Money

Easy Money - 10
Earn $100,000 with F.R.I.M.

F.R.I.M. is "Free Roam Instant Money", which allows you to gain a small amount of money while in Free Roam by either "Dodging" (Near missing cars while driving above a minimum speed), "Drifting" and "Jumping" (Driving at speed over a bump in the road, the higher the air you get, the more reward). It appears at the top of your screen and you can progress through the 10 levels, each of which you can "Bank" that levels amount of money. With each level increased you'll get a higher reward.
Before you upgrade your FRIM, level 10 offers $4,000.
After the upgrade, which is granted at Level 12 Competition & A1 License obtained (unconfirmed) the Level 10 reward is $10,000.
Due to the upgrade offering a substantial amount more than pre-upgrade, I'd suggest waiting until that happens before going for the $100,000. It'll save some serious amount of time.

There are 2 main methods - One is safe, the other is risky but a lot faster.

Method 1: Drifting - Find a patch of road/land that is farely secure and out of the way of other vehicles or obstacles.
The best place to Drift risk free is in the Airport. Once there, you can drift around the figure of 8 safely and build your FRIM til you hit the maximum level.
To drift, put your foot to the floor by pulling and hold for 1 second while moving the left or right. Make sure and hold the the whole time and try and keep the slide as wide as possible.
Keep repeating the Maximum level to get the $100,000 also. This is very time consuming and if you feel you can control your car, I'd suggest Method 2.
Here is how to get into the Airport;

Method 2: Dodging - The best car in my opinion to use for this is the Ariel Atom. It is a fast car that is extremely easy to handle. The best stretch of road to use is the road heading East from the Airport in Oahu, Hawaii.
When you exit the Airport, take a right going East and floor it, try to keep in the middle of the road dodging the oncoming cars (The reason it's the quickest way is by dodging oncoming traffic, this builds your FRIM meter faster than anything else) and cars going in your direction.
This stretch of road is possibly the longest, flattest road in the game. It gives you plenty of time to get the full level 10 FRIM by the end.
Once you've either hit the end, or you've hit level 10 - Just turn around and repeat until this achievement pops!

Big Tip: I'd suggest pulling out your Ethernet Cable/Wireless Adapter and doing this offline (both methods) as it will ensure you don't get any wreckless drivers colliding into you while you've built up a massive streak and wasting even more time.

Kangaroo - 20
Make a 100 m (109 yd) jump (any game mode)

Cruising - 5
Drive 200 km (124 miles)

See "The Explorer"

Road Eater - 10
Drive 1000 km (621 miles)

See "The Explorer"

The Explorer - 50
Drive 5000 km (3107 miles)

Throughout your game, you'll be racking up the miles in every game mode you play and every car collectively. To check your overall progress, visit one of your houses. Above your coffee table, you'll see an icon representing "Info", click this, then "MyTDULife". Now click to edit and select "Change" on any available option. Now hover over "Overall Progression" which is 4 across and 1 down on the list, represented by 3 bars.
Here you will see "Play Time", "Game Completion" and "Total distance driven", to which you can check your progress towards this achievement.

Car-tist - 15
Decorate 5 different cars

In the game, you can take your customizable cars to the "Sticker Shop" to get sprayed or apply stickers. Some cars you cannot customize.
Simply take 5 different cars to a "Sticker Shop" in the game, either change the colour and/or apply stickers and when you exit the shop on the fifth car, the achievement will pop.

Big Spender - 50
Spend 1 million dollars

This achievement does NOT require you to spend $1,000,000 at once on one item. It requires you to spend 1 million dollars overall, accumulatively over the length of your game, to which it will come naturally through the progression of the game as you will be required to spend that amount of money on either houses or cars that may cost you more than $1,000,000 alone.

Reckless Driver - 10
Drive around and hit 100 AI controlled cars and destructible objects

This achievement will be extremely easy to achieve if you drive like me! Don't try for this one immediately, you'll probably unlock it through natural progress like others. Anything that can be hit, AI cars, sign posts etc - Hit them all. Some items are undestructible however, so be aware of them and don't keep hitting them as they will not count! Like hitting walls, some hedges and bushes count as solid objects and won't count towards the 100.
As I said, hit cars, sign posts, lamposts and traffic lights all count.

The Beginner - 5
Win a championship

The first championship available to you will be the C4 championship. Once you've been introducted to "Solar Crown" and have gotten your first car and taken to your Caravan, you'll recieve a phonecall when you exit, asking you to get your C Class License. Upon completion, you'll recieve another phonecall asking to enter the C4 Championship. Finish first overall and you'll unlock this achievement.

King of Ibiza - 25
Win Ibiza Cup, area 1

After completing the C4, C4 High, B4, B4 High, A7, A7 High, A6, A6 High championships - You'll be offered the Ibiza Cup. You must finish first in every race to progress to the next race. Upon completion, you'll unlock this achievement.

Coronation - 75
Win all championships & cups

There are 22 championships and 3 cups overall. 1 Cup on Ibiza and 2 on Hawaii. Upon completion of them all, you'll unlock this achievement.

Thanks Mr Bungle
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