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Racing School Master - 20
Obtain all licenses

There is a total of 8 licenses in the game. These are seperated into each category of race in the game and by completion of each, unlocks the relevant championship.
These are;
C4, C3, B4, B3, A7/A6, A5/A4, A3/A2 & A1. Upon completion of all of these licenses will grant you this achievement.

Level 60 - 100
Reach level 60

The leveling system in this game is a collective between the 4 categories of sub-levels. These Sub-Levels are different varieties to make way through the game. These are "Competition" - By gaining licenses, winning championships & cups and multiplayer challenges. "Collection" - By collecting cars, houses, clothes and even getting haircuts will advance this skill. "Discovery" - By driving on roads, collecting wrecked cars, taking photographs and completing missions will advance this skill. "Social" - The Multiplayer skill which is raised by catching outlaws or escaping the cops in chase modes, playing co-op races, setting up races, playing a part in a club and simply by having friends.
At the moment, including the DLC there is a maximum level of 70, making this achievement very easy to obtain. However, if you do not have the DLC then this achievement is very tricky indeed.
To check your progress on your levels, hit the button then for the "Progress & Objectives" menu. Inside here you'll see your "Global Level" and each of your 4 category levels. Hitting either or will allow you to have an overview of each category and requirements to gaining the levels necessary.

Aloha! - 20
Make it to Hawaii

When you have reached level 10 overall, you will receive a phonecall asking to head to the Airport, heading for Hawaii. You do not need to go at this time.
Just bring up your map and look for the Airport in the "Spots for Avatar" tab. It'll be toward the south part of the island. Upon entering the Airport, it'll trigger a cutscene where the rest of the racers are also heading for Hawaii.
Once you've flown over, this achievement will unlock.
Please Note: You'll have to pay a one-off fee to fly the first time. Any other travelling done will be free of charge.

Learning - 5
Obtain The C4 license

This is the first license you will obtain. Upon being introduced to your Caravan and leaving, you'll receive a phonecall about getting your first license to be eligible to race. Follow the road on your GPS to enter the license centre and complete the objectives necessary to pick up your license. At the end, you'll have a photo taken and this achievement will pop.

Fast and Luxurious - 10
Drive at 400 km/h (249 mph) for 5 sec. (any game mode)

For this achievement, you can be driving any car and be in any game mode - Whether it's in free roam or a race, this will unlock.
It is confirmed that you can go to a car showroom and test drive a car and get the achievement. I'd highly recommend using the Bugatti Veyron.
Simply go to the European Car Dealership "European Cars (south)" just north of the Airport and test drive the Bugatti Veyron. When you are outside of the dealership, make sure you're going to the right - Now just floor it and dodge the traffic until you hit the speed.
Alternatively, you can purchase the Bugatti Veyron and go to Hawaii. Once you head out of the Airport - Head toward the right (East) and floor it. This is possibly the longest and straightest piece of road in the whole game, so this road is by far your best bet.

Say "Cheese!" - 10
Get clocked by the radar 100 times (Speedtrap game mode)

You should unlock this achievement naturally by playing the "Speed Trap" races in the Championships in Single Player mode. If you feel you won't get it, just replay Speed Trap races in Championships you have completed until you have unlocked the achievement. Wait until you have completed the Hawaii Cup Area 2 before replaying any races.

Tuning Addict - 5
Tune a car to the max level

In order to tune a car to any particular level, you'll need a certain "Discovery" level in the area of the tuner.
For example if a tuner is in Ibiza Area 1 and you wanted level 4 tuning, you'd need 100% discovery in Ibiza Area 1. Which means you'll need to discover 100% roads, complete all of the missions, take all photographs and find all of the wrecks in that particular area.
Only by doing the above can you gain access to tune a car to the maximum level of 4.

Cockpit Addict - 20
Drive 500 km (311 miles) using the cockpit view (any game mode)

Cockpit View is the in-car camera angle, like a helmet camera. It will not matter what car you're driving, nor if you're in free roam or in a race. It will count the total amount of miles you drive in all of these.
If you feel uncomfortable racing in this view, I'd suggest using it in the free roam mode so that you're not under any pressure and can drive at your own leisure.

Get rich or try driving - 25
Possess 1 million dollars

This achievement requires you to have accumulated 1 million dollars over time, not hold 1 million at one particular time.
Upon completion of the C4, C4 High, B4, B4 High, A7, A7 High, A6 & A6 High championships, you'll unlock the Ibiza Cup 1.
If you have not unlocked this before you win Ibiza Cup 1, then it will unlock afterward. You're prize fund for winning Ibiza Cup 1 is $1 Million, so it will come naturally through the progression of playing the Single Player championships and cups.

Multi-Challenger - 25
Win 5 challenges in each multiplayer mode (Race, Speed, Speedtrap)

This achievement requires you to win 5 Races, 5 Speed Challenges & 5 Speedtraps.
You can access these races by bringing up your map :back, hitting once to the "Multiplayer Challenges" tab and looking for a race in each of the above categories.
You can either join a ranked match and race against fellow gamers, or alternatively you can post in the Achievement Trading Thread and ask to help boost with someone.

Instant challenge, easy cash! - 20
Earn $10,000 in Instant Challenges

This can be done simply, by going offline and racing the AI cars. Pull out your Ethernet Cable/Wireless Adapter.
First of all, make sure your stake amount is set to $2,000 as the AI cars won't accept anything higher.
Hit then go to "Options". Go down 3 and select "Game settings", at the bottom you'll see "stake". Select $2,000. Now make sure you hit and not so it will save.
Now find an AI car, make sure you're driving a faster car and flash your headlights and hit again to accept the stake. The AI car will accept and all you have to do is beat them 5 times in a row and the achievement is yours.

Alternatively you could up your Stake amount to $10,000 or greater and flash your lights at another racer and try to win if you'd prefer not to race 5 times.

Fugitive Wanted - 10
Outrun the police 30 times in Online Chase Mode

To enable an online police chase, you'll first have to have people in your session. You can check this by either looking at your mini map on the bottom left of your screen and seeing how many people there are next to the little car icon. You'll need at least 3 down there.
Now you'll be looking for a cop car/ambulance or fire truck. Hit them repeatedly until it triggers a countdown saying "The Police are targetting you!". If 2 or more people accept a phonecall asking them for assistance, then you'll have yourself an online cop chase.

Now all you have to do is run... Well... Drive. Make sure you don't get caught up or else they might hit you with an EMP which will disable any power from your car.
You'll have a time limit of 2 and a half minutes to evade the cops, not getting arrested in this time will count as 1 escape. Just 29 to go!

Club Basher - 25
Win 30 Club vs Club challenges

When you go to the bar in your club house and either join or create a Club v Club match, you'll need at least 2 members of each club to race. Once the race has begun, make sure to keep an eye out for any collisions as it's a popular way to knock people out of the race, giving them virtually no chance of recovery. Winning 30 of these races will unlock this achievement.
This is a solo achievement, in the sense that it's not how many races the club as a whole has won, rather you have to be in 30 winning races for it to count toward your achievement.

Thanks Mr Bungle
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