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Marshall - 10
Arrest 30 outlaws in Online Chase Mode

This has the same setup as the Fugitive Wanted achievement. By having another racer hit a cop car/ambulance/fire truck repeatedly, you'll have a phone call to which you can either accept to be part of the chase to help catch the outlaw.
Once 2 or more of you have accepted, the race will begin after the clock has counted down. Try and keep up with the outlaw, crashing into him at any time. Once you are close enough, you can hit to charge an EMP which will disable his power. Hitting will begin charging the EMP and will charge fully if you stay close enough to the outlaw. If you lose too much distance to the outlaw, the charging of the EMP will stop and you'll have to charge it again when you get close enough.
You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to catch the outlaw before they have escaped.

Ibiza Photographer - 10
Find 5 viewpoints on Ibiza (photographer)

See "Reporter"

Reporter - 30
Find all viewpoints (photographer)

There are 40 viewpoints altogether. 20 in Ibiza and 20 in Hawaii. Visit the Photo Store to check the book in order to find out what is required in each picture.
In some photos you will be required to be in a certain car, have certain weather or be there at a certain time of day/night or a combination of them all.

For all the Viewpoints in Ibiza, please refer to the following video;

For all the Viewpoints in Hawaii, please refer to the following video;

Hey! What's this car!? - 5
Own 1 bonus car (treasure hunt)

See "Tyrannosaurus wrecks"

Tyrannosaurus wrecks - 25
Own all 6 bonus cars (treasure hunt)

There are 10 wrecks to find in each area of the game, each area representing a bonus car when you find the 10 wrecks. In total there are 60 wrecks to find.
Here are some videos showing where they all are;

Ibiza Area 1;

Ibiza Area 2;

Hawaii Area 1;

Hawaii Area 2;

Hawaii Area 3;

Hawaii Area 4;

Helping hand - 15
Succeed in 10 missions

See "Events Accomplished"

Events Accomplished - 40
Achieve all missions

There are 100 missions in total; 20 in Ibiza Area 1, 20 in Ibiza Area 2, 15 in Hawaii Area 1, 2, 3 & 4.
You can check your overall completions of the missions by going to the Start Menu , going to the "Progress & Objectives" menu, going to the "Discovery" tab by pressing and selecting "Events".
The Missions on your map are represented by a bomb icon.
If you cannot see any missions on your map, try reloading the game from the dashboard or just simply wait for them to pop up. Some are time specific and won't appear during some times.

Keep your distance - 30
Drive for 15 sec. above 100 km/h (62 mph) with 8 players in "Keep Your Distance" mode

For this achievement, I'd highly recommend finding people on the Achievement Trading Thread and getting people together into a Multiplayer Race entitled "Keep Your Distance".
The easiest way to get this is by finding a race near a long stretch of road and turning collisions off and looking for a race that has a minimum distance of 0 yards. this will allow all players to ghost inside each other while maintaining the same constant speed for as long as it takes the achievement to unlock.

Exclusive Car - 10
Drive a Club car

See "Exclusive CarS"

Exclusive CarS - 30
Drive all Club cars

For this achievement, you will need to be in a Level 3 Club, which is the maximum level.
You can look for a spot in either of the 3 x360a club by clicking HERE.
If you help anyone out in those clubs, they will help you get this achievement which requires you to be a certain rank within a club to drive the cars.

Co-op Challenger - 15
Drive 150 km (93 miles) in "Keep Your Distance" and "Follow the Leader" modes

See "My Club and Me"

My Club and Me - 15
Drive 150 km (93 miles) in intra-Club challenges

When you are at your Club House, going to the bar and creating a race, "Inner Club Race" will allow for you to drive toward the 150km/93 miles. Any race within the Inner Club race will count towards it and it goes by your own mileage, not the race-type. So the Keep Your Distance mileage is not what it goes by.
The best race type to do this on would be "Follow the Leader". Having either 4 or 8 players is necessary. Just simply drive in the opposite direction of the checkpoint, making sure you don't go through it and keep driving until the achievement unlocks is probably the quickest way to do this.

Me against all of you - 25
Play 40 challenges in the Community Racing Center

Go to the "Community Racing Center" by looking at the "Single Player Challenges" tab in the Map .
While there, look for a race that is as low as possible in terms of distance and best time. Repeat this race 40 times, winning or losing, and this achievement will unlock.

Social Butterfly - 10
Join and invite friends 100 times (any game mode)

You must use the in-game pause menu to either invite a friend or join their session. Joining their session via Xbox Live will not count.
Hit then go to "Players". Either use your Friends List, Club Members list, Recent Players or Session Players to either "Join" or "invite".
Please Note: Inviting will only work if the other player accepts the invitation. Repeating these actions 100 times will unlock this achievement.

Better than a GPS - 10
Invite 10 players to drive with you in your car.

It is confirmed you can use the same player 10 times over. Simply find another racer on the road in free roam, flash your headlights by pressing and hit for "Co-op driving" to invite someone into your car.
Once you have invited the person 10 times, the achievement is yours.

Thanks Mr Bungle
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