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DLC: Casino Online

Risk Taker - 10
Casino: Give up a Three of a Kind while playing Video Poker and win the next hand

When you enter the Casino, go up the staircase on the right to get to the slot machines. Upon entry to the room, the Poker Slots are at the back of the room.
In order to give up Three of a Kind, you'll be required to produce 3 of the same card (7,7,7 for example) on your first pull. The slot machine will automatically "Hold" these cards by pressing for you on these cards. Now, before you pull again, make sure the light below these cards is not lit. Press while selecting these cards to ensure you will give them up. Now pull the handle and hope you get a winning hand to unlock this achievement.

Island Caretaker - 10
Casino: Wake up the Island caretaker

To wake up the Island Caretaker, make sure it is at night time. You are required to enter the Casino, select the Audi at the entrance and select "Time Attack".
When you begin the race, turn around and go the wrong way. Keep going until before the hairpin and you'll see a hut on your left. Honk your horn by pressing the and a cutscene will commence. You'll have woken up the caretaker and he'll wave his arms around in anger. Achievement will unlock.

Drinks - 10
Casino: Have 10 cocktails at once at a poker table

You are required to be sitting at any 10-player poker table for this achievement to work. Simply order everyone at the table a drink and make sure everyone has one at the same time and it will unlock.
To order a cocktail, pull and put your at 10 o'clock. While you have the drinks list, hit to order a drink for someone at the table. All of the names on the list are people who do not have a drink, so just make sure that list is empty and you should have the achievement.

Casino Fashion Victim - 25
Casino: Buy all clothes available in the Casino Clothes Shop

This achievement requires you to enter the Casino Clothes Shop (Located on the right hand side of the entrance to the Casino) and purchase all of the 35 different purchasable items. Once you have bought every item of clothing, leave the shop and the achievement is yours.

Socializing - 25
Casino: Unlock all cocktails and emotes

When you enter the Casino, straight ahead of you, past the car, is the bar. When you go to the bar and order a cocktail, you'll see the list. When you hover over each of the cocktails you'll see instructions on how to unlock the ones you do not yet have. Simply complete the objective given to unlock the cocktails.
The same goes for the emotes. When you are sitting at a Poker Table, hit either or to bring up the emotes. Follow the instructions for each one you don't have in order to unlock them all. Once you've completed all of the objectives and have them all, the achievement is yours.
Please Note:There are 2 cocktails that require you to win 3 Sit & Go tables of poker, these can be done with 2 people in a Private Sit & Go table, instead of a full 6 Public table.

V.I.P. - 35
Casino: Become VIP of the Casino by reaching level 5

The leveling system inside the Casino is the same of that outside the casino. You'll have 10 seperate levels to gain inside the casino and can check the progress by hitting and going to "Progress & Objectives" to check the progress you're making. Once you've leveled up 5 categories, this achievement is yours.

Ready to play TDU2? - 20
Casino: Win the luxury car displayed in the entrance hall

There are two ways of getting this achievement. 1 - Inexpensive and possibly time consuming & 2 - Instant and extremely expensive.

1 - You can go to the Slot Machines (Located above the right hand staircase upon entry to the Casino) and play on the TDU2 Life Machine to try and win the car by winning the jackpot, which will also result in winning $1,000,000.

2 - You can simply buy the car in the lobby, this is confirmed to unlock the achievement. The car costs $1,000,000 Casino chips, which translates into $2,000,000 outside the Casino.

Western - 15
Casino: Play the "duel" emote at the same time as your rival at a poker table for two

Firstly for this achievement you will have to unlock the "Duel" emote, which requires you to win 15 hands in Tournament Poker.
Tournament Poker is a VIP only (Level 5 or above) tournament that is located in the centre of the upper level of the Casino.
To enter a Poker tournament, you can either buy into Level 1 for $25,000 or try your luck at winning the raffle by buying Cocktails (at the bar - Straight ahead of you upon entry to the Casino) and gaining entry into the related level of a Tournament.
Once you have won 15 hands in Tournament Poker, you will have unlocked the ability to use the "Duel" emote.
Now you can search for any type of 2-player table and use this emote at the same time as your opponent.
To find someone to help you get this achievement, please use the Achievement Trading Thread located here

Wanted - 25
Casino: Get the right look to get the reward

For this achievement, you will have to dress like the picture on the wall next to the Cashier.
If you are a male, it's on the right. If you're a female the picture is to the left.
All clothes required for this achievement is purchasable only in the Casino shop to the right of the entrance to the casino.
The hairstyles/colours you will have to attend a Barber to change.

Hairstyle - Short Cut 4
Hair Colour - Auburn
Facial Hair - Clean
Now match the clothes and sunglasses with the picture in the lobby.

Hairstyle - Short Half Length Cut 1
Hair Colour - Red
Again, match the clothes with the picture.

I'd like to say again, all clothes required are ONLY available from the Casino store.

1-in-38 Chance - 20
Casino: Win a straight-up bet at Roulette

This achievement sounds harder than it actually is. Go to any Roulette table (Found above the left staircase upon entry to the Casino) and bet the small amount possible on each number, with the exception of any one number of your choice.
When you bet on just 1 number, the odds of it appearing are very high, hence the reward. For the game to register a winning bet, you have to win more than you are betting. So for example, if you place 1 chip on every number except from 38, you're reward is 38 and because you've bet 37, it counts as a win.
Since you've placed a chip on almost every number, the odds of winning are about 99%.

Thanks Mr Bungle
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