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Originally Posted by PaleVoyager View Post
I am dead serious. I'm sure some will disagree and try to validate their purchase, but be honest with yourself. This game is a glitchy, sluggish mess.

It freezes, it corrupts, achievements and avatar awards glitch or don't unlock at all. The gameplay is some of the most tedious button molesting I've ever engaged in. Maybe if the developers play-tested this monstrosity before vomiting it up onto the marketplace, it might have been more bearable. (Or perhaps a patch to fix the numerous technical issues?)

This game's only two saving graces are the music at the main menu, and the dialogue throughout. I'll admit both of these things are pretty awesome, but not awesome enough to rescue this train wreck from being a train wreck.

Please, do yourself a favor and do not get this game. I bought it at an obscene discount of 160 MS points and I STILL feel ripped off.
I have never had this game freeze, corrupt, or glitch on me once. The gameplay is no more tedious than xmen arcade, castle crashers, or TMNT.

You just had some bad experience with it and are making a personal rant, not a real review.
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