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How To Get "Demolition Crew Achievement" 100% Certain

I have read loads of different posts on topics and I then tried to get the Achievement myself with my brother split screen but i'm sure it will work with Deniable Ops and over Xbox Live.

I failed to do it about 5 or 6 times, maybe more with no joy, but I now know how to get it, following this route will get you the achievement for sure.

1. Ok so first thing you do is start up a "Hunter" game on "Realistic", and of Course on "Salt Lake City, UT", choose whatever equipment you want and play.

2. Now this is IMPORTANT, don't use anything exept, Hand To Hand, Pistol, Secondary Weapon and Portable EMP.

3. Also VERY important, don't shoot any "Canisters" or "Fire Extinguishers" through the first 3 Stages, even the one with 1 guy on his own and also don't let them get blown up by the Bad Guys lol.

4. Feel free to alert all the reinforcments in the first 3 areas if you wish it doesn't matter.

5. Now if you've done all that you will be at final area, what you want to do is go past the "Weapon Crates" and up the stairs utill it says you have 12 new enemies to kill, at this point turn back down the stairs and go to the "Weapons Crate". From here go as far back as possible and you should be able to see 1 Fire Extinguisher, you need to shoot it first, BEWARE when you do this it will alert an extra 12 enemies, but that's what we want. Also DON'T "SHOOT" any of the "Canisters" or "Fire Extinguishers" untill you have the last guy in a "Chokehold".


7. This could be difficult if you are on your own but what you need to do now is kill all enemies but 1, he needs to be gotten into a "Chokehold" or left to run around.

8. Now that you've done all that you have to "SHOOT" everything, again don't use Equipment, Remote Mines, ect..

9. Ok now this is how you do it, there are 8 "Fire Extinguishers" in all plus 10 "Canisters", there is no need for me to tell you where they all are because as long as you count as you go a long you'll be fine plus there all in the open and easy to see with "Sonar Goggles" but you shouldn't even need them tbh.

10. VERY IMPORTANT, you MUST "SHOOT" the "Fire Extinguishers" FISRT as shooting some "Canisters" may blow up the "Fire Extinguishers" so please bare that in mind. Now like I said there are 8 in all, including the VERY FIRST one you shoot, 6 on the First Level and 2 on the Second Level and there are None on the Third Level.

11. Ok nearly done now just the 10 "Canisters", simple really just go along and shoot them and don't get to close. There are 4 on the First Level, 4 on the Second Level and 2 on the Third Level.

12. Once you do all that just take the last baddie that is in a "Chokehold" and throw him off the roof.

Hopefully you should have the achievement now and I hope this guide helps those that are having problems with this because I know I did and so are others.

Thanks For Reading, Any Feedback Good Or Bad Is Welcome.
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