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Raising friendship 2 levels within 10 minutes...

While I was running around, collecting the memory shards I missed, I ran into a quick way to boost your friendship levels. If you go to the Moving Bridges section and also the section 2 to the north, you encounter the enemies that such the life out of the Majin. If you just lock one of them in the corner and wail on him, you can easily gain an entire level. Then go north 2 sections there are another three of them. I did it and raised two levels in 5 minutes. Only thing that sucks is they didnt respawn, even after changing costume and heading back..Just a tip

Ok the other section is the wanu mabi fortress. and those things are only available at night. But what I did to speed up the grinding was to use the technique mentioned in the guide until night time then transport to transport room in malalwa forest then hit up the section to get major exp for friendship

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