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Best way to boost rival gym achievements

User 1: Search for a gym which accepts public requests to join, AND also currently has a rival (this is very important - you can see on the right hand side {current rival}). Join this gym.

User 2: User 1 tells user 2 the name of the rival gym of their own gym. User 2 searches for the name of the gym (enters it directly). Hopefully this gym is public. Join.

Then simply in the gym menu and under gym rivals, you click on rival members and then invite your buddy to a fight.

The important thing to note is that YOU CAN ONLY JOIN A GYM IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN IN ONE FOR 24 HOURS. For some reason EA doesn't allow you to hop from one to the other within 24 hrs.

It sounds tricky but it really isn't. There is no other way to boost these achievements unless you get lucky and find your mate in a rival gym. This way ensures this happens as long as the gyms can be joined (are public).
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