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Yeah, you're right. I'm the only one this has happened to and this isn't really a review so much as an isolated rant. Why don't we ignore all of the topics posted on the forum complaining of glitches and save corruption. Everything is hunky-dory and this game is just pretty well of the same quality and experience one would find in Castle Crashers or X-Men arcade.

So the sky, is it supposed to be pink in your world. Or would you say something doesn't feel right?

Actually, you know what? My sarcasm was uncalled for. I have come to realize that it's normal for a game's forum to have topics about glitches, freezes and corruption OUTNUMBER unrelated topics.
I'm an idiot and clearly don't know what I'm talking about. Please ignore this topic and pay ten dollars for this gem.

Go on. It's totally worth it.

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