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Ever since I heard about that glitch, I was wary of joining games. I just made a seperate save file and prayed that, if the glitch did happen, it wouldn't affect all games on my profile.

I got down to needing 4 more weapons and gave up. I traded online for the others. It was taking too long doing it by myself. My stats get screwed up when I go online. The game tells me I've never had sex, but I have one biological child... Anyways. Now that the weapons achievement is out of the way, I was able to just blow through the dlc for the rest of my achievements like normal. I swear that game would have been finished two weeks ago if it wasn't for all that time I wasted trying to collect all those weapons offline. Still, its finished and I guess it didn't hurt too much. 1250g and moving on to the next.
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