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I seriously must be missing something in translation. I'm trying to get the Soul Released achievement and I can never seem to get it to work. I beat Rondo and got the Heart Pendant and when I take it to Fort Fermata and go to the locked room all I see is a guy lying there with a pot next to him. When I talk to him all he does is groan over and over again, no matter what I do. Is this the wrong guy or is there some other prerequisite to getting this to work? Any help?

Edit: Nevermind, by freak accident I figured it out. But just in case anybody else is having trouble I'll leave the steps. Once in chapter 6 either revist Tenuto or Ritardando and go through the cave. Towards the center of the cave is a single man that will talk about Chord and tell you to talk to someone in Baroque who was involved in the project. Return to Baroque and go down the stairs from the castle and to the right to a lone old woman. After you talk to her THEN you can go to Fort Fermata and the event will take place. And now you know... probably already did actually.

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