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Hey gang, just thought i'd post on here also cause i'm getting kinda tired with me always joining n00bs and 'Arse Maggots' in Anarchy who couldn't pull off a skillshot to save their life. So I thought what the hey and see if there's any other like minded people on here who would like to party up, have some fun and maybe try ranking up to level 65 and/or get the Anarchy Master cheeve (i know i'm not alone in this one).

Hit me up if anyone's interested, always up for a fun social game and this one begs co-op lol. Gamertag is GamesGuru1 and if you're from the UK that is preferable (but not essential) due to the connection issues we always seem to get.

Kick ass and thump butt peeps!!!

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Any and all gamers interested in joining my clan 'Team Awesome' please drop me a message It's all in good fun and nothing serious, but everyone's welcome!

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