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I've heard somewhere that New Game+ doesn't increase enemy stats, it's actually party levels 5&6 that do that. So by the time you're starting your second playthrough, at least level 5 will be unlocked and you will automatically start with that so as you're fighting the monsters in the early chapters with low levels it will seem alot harder because last time you fought them you had lower party levels. So if you set your party level back to 1 when starting New Game+ and increase it gradually as the game progresses, the difficulty should remain the same.

Like I said, I've only heard that but haven't tested it myself to see if it's true or not. I'm just starting my second play and putting the party level down to where it would have been on playthrough #1 I can't say I'm noticing any difference in how quickly I kill enemies or how much damage they do.

Suffice to say I'm hoping this is the case as I saved my Clear file over my playthrough #1 save before I knew about the optional dungeon (yeah, I know it was dumb) and I'm hoping I don't have to spend the extra time leveling up to max level to finish those achievements on playthrough #2.


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