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Originally Posted by VStarLightning View Post
I found the trachea level the worst on hard... after blowing all my ammo on the section when you get off the worm, the big spider boss shows up and I don't have enough ammo to finish him off! Overall its tough, but do-able on hard.
Trachea pissed me off a bit but Cavitas Cranii is the far.
The intense sections...and the "platforming"...are frustrating. The majority of the game on hard (if you follow the guide you can play MOST of it on easy and switch to hard when needed...I haven't been doing this) isn't that bad but they throw you into cheap situations here and there that will make you want to tear your hair out. On more than one occasion I seriously considered forgetting I ever played it and moving on to something else. I'm too far in though and I'd like to play it on a lower difficulty and see if it's any fun.

Update - It was a lot less cheap on easy (of course it was lol =P) just grabbed the trusty sidearm achievement.
I'm having an issue with the watchers in Trachea though. They zip by I barely even have a chance to get a shot off at them (the first 2 at least).

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