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Jungle: Jungle Highlands 1/2

17. Teleport, and take the path right. Once you pass the checkpoint, drop down, and go left. Under the red alignment bullets, there's a stompable section. The mark is to the left when you drop down.

City: The City Walls 1/1

18. After the large light warrior and 3rd checkpoint, head to the right. There’s a gap in the wall you can slide in to. Just above, once you’re inside the hidden room, is mark number 18.

City: The Marketplace 1/1

19. Just after you pass the mini gauntlet in the first structure, there will be a pair of breakable walls in front of you. Ignore them and go up. To the right, under a stompable area and near a coop challenge room, is the mark.

City: The Ministry 1/2

20. In the first room with alignment sensitive blocks, it’s in the upper left corner. Just switch alignments as you need to get up to it.

City: The Maze 1/1

21. It’s by the first checkpoint by the block puzzle. Wall jump up the shaft.

City: The Flower Gardens 1/1

22. Directly above the first checkpoint, where there’s light and dark alignment walls that you have to switch to continue up. Using those walls to wall jump up to the area above is where it’s hiding.

Jungle: Highlands 2/2

23. Take the teleport here, and open the door below using dark alignment. Go down and stop through the first floor. Keep making your way down until another stomp floor, and go through. Break the wall to the right, and charge through the wall after that. The mark is here. BONUS! Stomp the floor below and break the wall to find the secret Jungle area: On the Treetops.

City: The Forgotten Quarter 1/1

24. In the bottom left area of the map, just below the giant room, and beside a room with two entrances side by side and a bunch of elevator platforms. It’s just below a checkpoint in the bigger room. Wall jump up the shaft to grab it.

City: The Ministry 1/2

Need launch pad.

Boss: Mother of Eyes


Sky: The Ice Cave 0/1

None yet.

Sky: The Proving Grounds 2/2

25. Right before the waterfall of light bullets on the lower half of the map, get on the upper platform. Wall jump up to the right and it should be at the top of an upside down “U” shape.

26. After the huge jump you have to make, the road splits between going down and a ladder. Go down, and head to the left, up the light platform elevator. The mark is on the left at the top.

Sky: Holy Mountain 0/1

Can’t yet!

Sky: The Haunted Hills 1/1

27. After getting launch, right above the checkpoint near it (far right of map), there is a launch pad to the right. Take it up, and the mark is on the right.

Sky: Holy Mountain 1/1

28. Backtrack to the beginning of the level. On the map, on the left side, there is a large open area with land islands. Wall jump off the bottom one to the launch pad and shoot up. Wall jump up the next one and head to the right to find the mark.

Origin: Crossroads of the World 3/3

29. Head to the right, near the Origin levels entrance. Near it, is a launch pad Shoot up past the next two, and make your way across to the right. On the right side, there’s a pit. Drop down, and it’s on the right.

30. From the teleporter, head right. Take the dark elevator and a launch pad is to your left. Jump and launch left. Then launch up three times to the mark on a small platform to your right.

Underworld: The World Beneath 2/2

31. From the teleporter, make your way to the large room with many land islands in the upper left of the map. After making it up, go through the tunnel until you hit the wall with the launch pad. Shoot up twice, and go down the ladder. It’s to the right.

Sky: The Ice Cave 1/1

32. From the teleporter, head left through the dual alignment beams. Wall jump up the shaft that had lasers going off until you turned them off last time you were here. At the top of the shaft near a light platform elevator is a launch pad. Shoot up twice, and head to the right. Shoot up again and it’s on the right.

This mark should unlock the treasure map, if you have collected them up to this point. This allows you to see money vases on the map. HA! Now I don’t have to write a guide for those!

City: The Ministry 2/2

33. I saved this one for last in our backtrack since it’s so “fun”. Teleport to Forgotten Quarter, and head down and to the right, then up the yellow elevator platform to The Ministry area. Backtrack to the area before the first block room, and head up to the checkpoint. By the checkpoint there’s a launch pad. Shoot up, then right. It’s sitting be the wall to the right. Figure out your own way home!

Sky: The Mist-Shrouded Forest 3/3

34. Just past the giant spider as you start the level, is a pit with spikes and a launch pad. The mark is on the right of that pit. Launch to it, wall jump back and launch out of the pit.

35. Right above where you started is an “L” shape. After the elevator where you have to wall kick to avoid light bullets, head to the left. Past the spikes that pop out, further to the left, is the mark on the “L” shaped chunk of land.

36. Toward the right side of the map, there’s a dark elevator (bullets of both alignments and a red large flyer are above it) that you need to stand on to go below. In that area (it’s near a checkpoint), there are two crawlers on a land island, and to the left of that a launch pad. Shoot yourself to the left, and land on the middle chunk of land where the mark is.

Sky: Dark Fortress 2/2

37. When you get to the room with launch pads and lasers-a-plenty, shoot right, then shoot up. You’ll enter a hidden room on the map, and to the right is number 37.

38. On the right side of the map, there’s a room that’s just beyond the switch you need to hit to open the door to continue above. Head in to this room. Take launch pads up, and wall kick off the right side to grab it.

Boss: The Winged Serpent

Eternity: At the Shores of Time 1/1

39. Just as you climb up from the start and see the first giant spider (near the two nail like structures on the top left side of the map), wall jump up. Jump across to the land island and over to the small enclosed room in the top of the map.

Eternity: Tower of Eternity 1/1

40. At the first checkpoint, wall jump off the wall above the door (it’ll be closed if this is your first time here). Use the launch pads to head to the left. Stomp through the ground and collect the mark in the middle of the room.

Eternity: Trail of Tears 1/1

41: From the teleporter, fall down the ledge on to the light platform and go right. Jump the first gap, and fall down the second. You should land square on the mark.

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