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Originally Posted by Kaz View Post
Fuck yes I nailed the gold on Edo Battle. A big thanks to NanmonJiel who messaged me some tips! Many thanks dude.

I'll post the messages so more people can benefit.

For my attempt I finished in 32'52"40 which is 203 out of 891. To hit gold the target was 34'21"00. I used Sasaki Kojiro like the roadmap mentioned. The best time to chain your combo is when Sanako opens up with her own combo, your range should be able to interrupt and get a full link on her. Do it twice and you pretty much nail it.

I had trouble reaching 400 kills by 12 minutes. Fortunately the pace of mob respawns from 20 minutes onward was so much faster. I took a half hp break around 500. (charged from 10% to about 55%) Then I took another break around 890 kills (10% to about 60%) By this point I dropped the last guy around 31 sometime in.
Scoring a Gold on Edo Battle Royale is my last real hurdle with this game. I still haven't made it through with everyone on normal or difficult, but I don't foresee that being anything more than a timesink and occasional frustration. Edo Battle Royale, however, had me absolutely furious as I repeatedly die on the last foe - with more than enough time left on the clock.

I had much more luck with Chibi as my character than Kojiro. Thanks for the tips, though. I haven't given up on the game yet even though I haven't touched it for months. A little bit of advice like this might just be all I needed to get the urge back, haha.
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