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Originally Posted by Yaymez View Post
Regardless of how utopian their mind-controlled lives were, they were still slaves.
This ^^ Completely agree it was the right thing to do, she may not have had the "right" to make the decision as some have said, but she was the only one in a position to make it and a decision to keep them as slaves or release them had to be made. Anyone with the right to make that decision were either slaves or dead.

Monkey was getting brainwashed by the mask and the beautiful old world it showed him. He would have been lost as well if Trip hadn't ripped the old guy apart. It wasn't just a vendetta for her father, she'd grown attached to Monkey and was saving him too. She lost her father, her entire community and Pigsy, and I think she'd be damned if she was going to lose her only remaining friend too. I don't question her motivations.

I'm confused on one thing, weren't the mechs controlled by the slavers? There were combat mechs on the slaver ship at the beginning. I thought the mechs were just Slaver tools?

If that's the case, then when Trip shut down Pyramid, then theoretically the mechs would either be shut down or lose their central control programming/orders. Not sure which, if they didn't shut down, who knows how they'd react without central control.

If they shut down and were no longer a problem, humanity can escape the pyramid and rebuild without threats of mech attacks.

That Trip was enslaving Monkey to get her home, she was struggling with that the whole game, she understood what she was doing was hypocritical. But she also knew she couldn't survive on her own and Monkey was an unknown at the time. Use what tools you have on hand.

In the end when she released him he told her to reconnect of his own choice. They were in the shit together and he wanted to see it through and protect her. Empathy and caring.

I would definitely be interested in a prequel or a sequel, there's a lot of this universe that seems worth exploring.
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