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Originally Posted by TanyaSpace View Post
Hmm thatīs very true. I forgot you have almost all the achievements.
Yeah, itīs definitely glitched and needs patching. No doubt about that!
Letīs just hope Ubisoft actually care :-/
The thing is, the more you try and it doesnīt work, the more you may put yourself off as you get frustrated with it too.
Maybe try going after the other missing ones first and then give it another go?
You still may not be able to get it but sometimes a break of a few days or even a week works wonders (for me anyway, with GH/RB and also with MJ TE)
lol, i dont disagree with you on waiting, im slowly working on all 6, i'll do 10 of each then start over..I was so close to smooth a few minutes ago//82/99 139300 not quite there..gotta be 140k 2 miss' cant wait a week, trying to be the first 1 on ta to complete it.

ps, i assure you Ubisoft does not care & I'm willing to bet real money it NEVER gets patched..they say the game is fine.

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