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Originally Posted by Bajan Elite View Post
You forgot the giant warrior, the one with the sword and shield. It has a health bar. Guess it like a mini boss, he blocks everything from the front and you can't jump over him.
Yup, he's a miniboss and not a regular enemy, so I'm saving him for the "Boss" section when I write it tomorrow. Game's only been out a week, and I have finals.

Originally Posted by Bajan Elite View Post
I have fought two so far, the first one I killed with a bomb and the second I had to use the slide move to go under his shield and kick him in the ankles. After you land the hit, he jams his shield into the ground for a moment. It sends out a slight shock wave, so jump over that. When the shield is in the ground his head is exposed, so jump and land a few hits with the sword. Rinse and Repeat.
He also uses a beam of his alignment that he'll wash over you, swap it to the other alignment to wash over again, and then finally one more wash with his alignment. Getting too close during that initiates his shield pound, but when he's shooting the beam of his opposite alignment, feel free to jump up and slap him in the face a bunch for free hits. Smite works on him for a little extra damage.

However, I want to detail the locations of all three in the guide (bombs are easier to use, but I think there's only one bomb dispenser near the first one), so I'm holding off on it for another day. I also need to write a guide for the large serpent mini boss, and all the regular bosses, so I'm a bit behind thanks to the Mark guide. :/

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