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Originally Posted by taahh lee gaahh View Post
Well i have 17 awards left. About 4 of them for the free play which ill just knock out easily. So for the rest I can just purchase at the description screen? Say if I buy just one and move onto the next saturday would I have to follow the same way which would be purchase, click back, and click back again to the main menu? Get that one award then proceed to manipulate the date, play another talent show, and purchase again? I just want to make sure before I start free spending my hard earned gems.

btw is there a menu option I can click to see how to make my pet "sit" and do other tricks. I wasnt paying attention when the avatar popped up. Man I am so close. 3 achievements left. the 75%, all trophies, and one drawer of trophies.
By the time I was "done" with the majority of the achievements I was still missing 8 awards. I had enough gems, so I just went and bought everything all at once. I then exited out of the Trophy Cabinet and went back to the freeplay screen (just you with your pet superimposed into the room) which forced a save and the achievement. You will notice that your award count will not change while you buy the awards. It will only show the updated total once you re-enter the Trophy Cabinet after saving. Kinda odd but it does work.

In your example, if you do not have enough gems for the ones you are missing then you can either buy them one at a time like you suggest or just play until you have enough (each award is 1000 gems) and get them all at once. Either way will work.

As for "Sit" I don't recall seeing an in game list but you can just say the pet's name and then "Sit". So for example, "Sasha, Sit!". The pet names are programed into the game and appear at the top of the screen.

Originally Posted by paraffin View Post
Excellent guide for the DLC. Got my extra 235GS in about an hour (After going off-line to get the Saturday ach). Thanks for the speedy work.
Originally Posted by spectreon View Post
WOW! Only 240msp... now thats how you put out DLC, granted anything over 400 I woulda passed on it. Thanks again for the guide, DLC was cake and now the game can be shipped back to whence it came so I can get something else (preferably better).
Thanks guys

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