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Any tips for fort battle right after picking up the Auto-Shotgun by Spaceship?

This is my second playthrough on Hard and I'm having a heck of a time with this battle.

I just beat Spike and got the Auto-Shotgun outside the spaceship. Its mainly red large raptors (deinonychus) that come and attack you but there is so many I can't keep up with repairing the windows and alot of times my shots hit the bottom of the window when trying to hit them outside the fort. Anyone have any tips or strategies for this part? I think I'm really close to the end and would like to at least get the 900/1000, thanks in advance for the help!!

EDIT: I mainly have been using the auto-shotgun and just standing by the ammo crate but eventually I get over run since one or two chomps from these guys and you're done!


My strategy for anyone else who is stuck here is to use the auto-shotty and focus on repairing the windows after killing the dinos at that window. After that run to the next set of windows and kill all the dinos and fix those windows. Rinse and repeat. Remember to keep a close eye on your ammo count and run to the ammo box when needed. If things get hairy activate your adrenaline boost, but use as a last resort to not get hit.

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