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Originally Posted by jun49 View Post
Finally managed to get a 5 stars!
My exp is, somehow I feel the dancers dance faster during the last "easy missed part". What I did is to dance faster and make sure your image on screen syns with the dancers. Tough it just gave mr an OK still.
Wish this help. Cheers!
So Jun, your suggesting to stick with the dancers..I can get perfect up to the "dreaded" section by doing just that..I always panic in the last section as thats where I get the 4 miss,and keep trying "new things" my best was only 1 miss, very high score, not high enough..if smooth master doesn't kill me today, I'll give it a try & thanx for your input, as with everyone else here it is greatly appreciated.

Wow Kenji, I just compared stats you have the Master for beat it too.. your an animal !!

thank you, but, i belive i matched the dancers perfectly & still the same miss'..i do appreciate your solution.

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