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Originally Posted by jun49 View Post
Satman, a little more suggestion, are you sticking with the dancers by yourself or by your image on screen? I think there's an about 1/4 second lag problem with Kinect, so your actual movement should be a bit faster than the dancer. Thus your image onscreen match the dancer's.
Thx, I'm not a professional dancer at all, but I'm a super fan of Michael. Targeting 1000 to tribute to him. And so sad im the only one playing MJ on my frirnd list. Add me!
Lose a few lbs already haha. Good luck!

Wow and you got 930 already!!!! Cool!!!
ahhhh..ok, i understand, Ill give it a try in the morning !!

Thank you for the help & the kind words !

Kenji, I do believe your solution will be the one that gets me over the top. I just recreated it 5 times in a row, however each of those 5 times I had 2 miss' in the exact same spot, both of which i have passed many close, I can feel it..I will update when it tired ;-) ps. all 5 attempts where scoring in the mid 160's

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