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Red Hat Locations Guide

This guide is free to use as long as these credits are given. Otherwise you are not free to use this guide.

My (osakamitsu)'s guide originally made for:

Thanks to all who have taken their time and putting work into creating this guide. All are members of the community. Without them it would not be here. If you use this guide include these credits and everyone involved:
osakamitsu (me)
ll Mr Bubbles ll
Crazy Cabbie

Red Hat Locations

All Red Hats Located 20/20

ALL found in the port area outside of the main story levels.

Speed Modifiers:

Fast Build:
Thanks to: Crazy Cabbie
Price: 125,000
Description: Build objects much faster.
Location: "Actually it is on the far right, in a little cave in the middle of the tower. U build the elivator then spin the wheel. it will take i right to it"

Fast forge:
Price: 75,000
Description: Fix Red hot objects faster.
Location: Take the right path all the way to the end and use a hammer to fix the gears at the very end of the pier/walkway, the things in the water to the right will surface.

Fast Dig:
Price: 50,000
Description: Dig Faster.
Location: Go through the left main port gate and go all the way til you reach water. Build the golden bricks here, then use one of the barrels near this area on the newly created barrel switch to raise the bridge. The hat will appear across the bridge and to the right.

Health Modifers:

Thanks to: scorpy78
Price: 1,000,000
Description: Makes you invincible.
"located at the back of the same room where the 8X multiplier is, Blackbeard needed, just use his ability to destroy the red box in the left corner of the room"

Fall Rescue:
Price: 175,000
Description: If you fall off a ledge you would normally die from, you will be picked up and set back down harm free.
Location: Take the left yellow gate in the port, shoot the 3 targets on the building first building you come across right past the cannons you get double money at.

Regenerate hearts:
Price: 275,000
Description: Regenerates Health over a period of time.
Location: Same basic route as treasure magnet. Jump into the water or go down the ladder from the main port area that has the level select in it, and swim toward the screen. If your coming from the left area swim past the first set of golden bricks which is treasure magnet and continue to the right side of the beach to find another set of golden legos. Build and destroy until you get the red hat.

Extra hearts:
Thanks to: scorpy78
Price: 500,000
Description: Extends Health.
Location: "In the main hub, left under water you'll see two silver objects, take a guy with bazooka, stay on the platforms and aim into water, may take some tries. You can use the valve on the other side to make it easier, don't know if it supposed to be destroyed this way.
Then two flower points will appear, use a female to grab the poles on the left wall to move them down"

Other Modifiers:

Red Hat Locator:
Thanks to: ll Mr Bubbles ll
Price: 300,000
Description: Puts a red arrow on screen that points to red hats that have not been found yet.
Location: "im 90% sure (cant check as the red hat wont show) but when you go through the right gate as soon as you enter the next area use jacks compass then choose red hat and the X should be right infront of you... when you walk on it loads of flowers will pop up with the hat floating in the middle"

MiniKit Bottle Finder:
Thanks to: silentb0b
Price: 400,000
Description: Points you in the direction of the minikit pieces.
Location: "Top of rock in middle of beach. How to get to show: use ancient sailor with fish to ride crab. Ancient sailor is the characters name. He is by default holding a fish. You may have to slap the crab before the Y shows to ride."

Location Description #2: Thanks to: BullZeye, "You don't need the sailor, nor a fish nor do you need to hit the crab with anything, you just have to tire them out.They'll always run away from you but if you keep following one it will eventually collapse and let you ride it.Then the hat will appear."

Extra Toggle:
Price: 100,000
Description: Thanks to: BullZeye, "Toggle Extras has some extra characters on every level, but some appear on several levels."
Location: Left of the building from the Fall Rescue. Fall Rescue is in the building first building you see with the three targets, This one is on another buildings balcony to the left of this one; use an explosive to blast the door.

Price: 25,000
Description: Lego Characters will wear disguises.
Location: Take the right yellow gate in the port. Right as you go right you will see a tower like structure with a yellow wheel in front of it. Work your way to the back and to the right and set the dynamite on fire with the torch.

Breathe Underwater:
Thanks to:Cinderkin, GlassVial
Price: 250,000
Description: Breathe while underwater.
Location: "From the main port area switch to Jacoby and jump into the water. Under the pier near the middle, you'll see 3 silver objects hanging. Use Jacoby's bombs to blow all 3 and the Red Hat will appear."

Treasure Modifiers:

Combined Total multiplier: X7680 per stud value.

Treasure Magnet:
Price: 225,000
Description: Studs will be magnetically drawn to you as you walk by them.
Location: In the main port area, you will see a ladder leading away from the main level select area into the water. Swim towards the screen to find a beach in the left area. Build the golden blocks on this beach area and then destroy them to make the hat appear.

Character Treasure:
Price: 150,000
Description: Thanks to: Cinderkin, When you kill a lego npc they drop studs.
Go through the left yellow gate in the main port/level select area and continue til you reach the same building as Fall Rescue. This is the building with the three targets on front right past the cannons you get double treasure at. Go inside this building and jump behind the bar and destroy the silver tanks in the back.

Double Treasure:
Price: 600,000
Description: Thanks to: Cinderkin, For example if you have no multiplier then Double adds 2x. If you have 4x with double then it's 8x. If you have 4x and 6x it's 48x instead of 24x.
Location: Take the left yellow gate from the main port area. You will find two cannons above the entrance immediately when you walk in. Use the cannons to shoot the targets. I think its just the left cannon, and three targets but I can't remember.

Treasure X2:
Thank to: scorpy78
Price: 500,000
Description: Adds a times two multiplier to your stud count as you pick them up.
Location: "in the main port area where magnet was, there are 5 pillars near the water in the middle, just jump on them quickly and the hat will appear near them"

Treasure X4:
Thank to: scorpy78
Price: 1,000,000
Requirements: Black Beard, Price: 500,000
How to unlock: Thanks to , fab83700:
Just fight against the enemies in the port and you can buy them.
Description: Adds a times four multiplier to your stud count as you pick them up.
Location: "when you unlock Blackbeard ( I used code from another thread here) go left and you'll come to a door across the well, it only can be opened with Blackbeard. Once inside go to the aquarium and use mermaid's scream ability to break a glass and reveal hat."

Location Description #2 thanks to: Cinderkin
"Take the left golden gate and head left. You'll see a building directly behind the well, with a red and black lego piece blocking the doorway. Use Blackbeard's power up to blast the red and black piece. Head inside and go straight up to a fish behind a glass frame. Use Philip to sing near the glass and once it breaks Treasure x4 Red Hat will appear."

Treasure X6:
Thanks to: silentb0b
Price: 1,500,000
Description: Adds a times six multiplier to your stud count as you pick them up.
Location: "treasure X6 is behind the left gate in the well. just hit the silver things areound it several times and it will appear."

Treasure X8:
Price: 2,000,000
Description: Adds a times eight multiplier to your stud count as you pick them up.
Location: Follow the directions to unlock Fast dig. Go through the left main port gate and go all the way til you reach water. Build the golden bricks here, then use one of the barrels near this area on the newly created barrel switch to raise the bridge. (Just like Fast Dig but your using two barrel switches) Then take the other available barrel across the bridge and use it on the barrel switch. This unlocks a door. Go inside and destroy some objects near the camera and you'll find it.

*NOTE: Character editor is also located at the top of the stairs in this building. Just grab the ropes to open the stair case.

Treasure X10:
Price: 2,500,000
Description: Adds a times ten multiplier to your stud count as you pick them up.
Location: Go through the right main port gate to the tower thing with the golden wheel in front of it. Keep building and destroying the golden blocks in front of it til you get an elevator. Ride the elevator to the top then climb the wall and work your way to the the left til you get to a chain you can climb to the top of the tower with. Once on top you will see a spy glass. Use the spy glass to find an island, then look to the left of the island to find a girl. Follow her with the spy glass as she digs 3 different times and when she is finished the red hat will appear.

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