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Red Hat Finder is the official name, and it cost 300,000 studs
Treasure x6 cost 1,500,000 Studs.

EDIT: Treasure x4 1,000,000 Studs (Sorry didn't see above post)

Take the left golden gate and head left. You'll see a building directly behind the well, with a red and black lego piece blocking the doorway. Use Blackbeard's power up to blast the red and black piece. Head inside and go straight up to a fish behind a glass frame. Use Philip to sing near the glass and once it breaks Treasure x4 Red Hat will appear.

Breathe Underwater (I accidentally bought this one before checking the price)

From the main port area switch to Jacoby and jump into the water. Under the pier near the middle, you'll see 3 silver objects hanging. Use Jacoby's bombs to blow all 3 and the Red Hat will appear.
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