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Originally Posted by ianke_2002 View Post
Lol. Someone tell me how the hell Elder Scrolls and Fallout are FPS's? Fail.
Originally Posted by Jesper114 View Post

and TES an FPS? it is first person, but not a shooter. oh well

i vote batllefield, because the whole series is good.
Originally Posted by Death Metal Jim View Post
Even though I know I shouldn't have, I still chose Oblivion. It's not a FPS really, even though you're in first person view. But I'd choose Oblivion on any poll titled 'best' by default . But the best pure FPS is still Bioshock for me.
I know I'm just stepping on my dick by diving into the banal minutia of what makes a FPS.... But if you're an Archer or Mage, then you're shooting projectiles at your enemies in a first person view.
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