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Originally Posted by dave252 View Post
Ok, I just beat him 2nd game after posting this.

All I did was return with Y+B straight down the middle and he put it out 6 times and hit the net once. 7-5 to me.

Thats ridiculous.
i would suggest to train with JESPER and go for expert circuit right away and keep trying untill you get used to the gameplay and after you won it you will be able to beat everyone easily believe me

put 1 set 7 points and 5 serves, start with jesper, go like 5 or 6 passes to the right, and 1 or 2 to the back, if it doesnt work for you try 4 or 7 passes and 0 1 or 2 passes to the back... remember every player has diff places but when you find them out it will be soooooooo easy afterwards!!

oh 1 more thing... for some reason if you use a female you do NOT have to step back but only to the right a few steps against MALES but against females for some reason go 1 or 2 steps back!! (depends on player) or they will return it

good luck and if you have questions just pm me!!
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