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撃退 (Repulse) 10
Repel the giant mothership during AREA 5.

This is the first main boss you'll encounter. Shoot the silver parts on the ship while avoiding the snake-like enemies, then once you finish that, proceed to take out the core.

Note: This may not unlock on Easy.

追跡 (Pursuit) 20
Follow the transport ship reaching the satellite's orbital field.

This will unlock after the short battle against the boss at the end of AREA 09.

反撃 (Counterattack) 30
Crush the transportation warship in the satellite's orbitial field.

This is the same boss who you had fought back in AREA 09, who will reappear in AREA 15 in its final form after taking him down during the previous sections. Simply defeat him to earn this.

突入 (Charge) 50
Repel the giant mothership during AREA 20, and charge to the moon's surface.

This should unlock after the boss fight, just before the intermission scene where your ship heads in the direction of the moon covered with a purple shell.

Note: This may not unlock on Easy.

脱出 (Escape) 70
Destroy the mysterious lifeform fused with the moon, and return to earth.

This is the final boss you'll encounter in AREA 26, and has three forms.

Note: This will not unlock in Original/Advanced Easy, as the end boss only has two forms.

ダイレクトショット (Direct Shot) 50
Conceal into the core of the final boss, then strike a finishing blow.

This is the third form of the final boss, which is a red face. Take down his health until it's close to depleation, then run into the direct middle of his face and shoot him until he dies. You will lose ships while doing this, so be sure to have extra stock.

Note: This will not unlock in Original/Advanced Easy, as the end boss only has two forms.

圧倒的勝利 (Overwhelming Victory) 10
All remaining aircraft started as living 10 aircraft of the epilogue.

By the end of the game, you'll need to at least have ten lives in reserve. Any extra ships that you didn't have will be silver in color during the credit roll. The easiest way to obtain this is earning extra starting stock by increasing your Option Level. You CANNOT lose any lives during the run or this won't unlock, regardless of how many lives are left over.

Note: This will not unlock in Endless Mode, as it doesn't count remaining stock.

Hall of Fame 10
Upload a score to the Rankings.

This one is self-explanatory, however you must have life stock set to default before you can submit a score.

戦士の記録 (Record of the Combatant) 10
Playback an other person's replay data.

This may sound simple, but before you can do this, you need to reach Option Level 20. Head on to the leaderboards, find a high score with a paperclip icon and then press Y to confirm the download. Head on to Replay in the main menu, and then start the downloaded clip.

背水の陣 (Last Stand) 10
Shield 0% condition endured for 30 seconds.

This is easiest to obtain at the very start of Original Easy. Holding the Shield button until it depletes to 0, continue to hold down the Shield button while avoiding enemies and bullets until this unlocks.

倍率x20達成 (Amplification x20 Goal) 30
Broke past score amplificator x20.

This is the multiplier that you'll see to the left when you get a combo flowing. This is easiest to obtain in Advanced Mode, as each Power Up increases the multiplyer by one. Missing enemies doesn't cost you as much in a decreasing multiplier if playing on Easy, but at the same time increasing the multiplier will take far longer. F items will decrease the multiplier by one, so be wary to avoid them when going for this.

Note: You can't unlock this using Super Shot.

ループマスター (Loop Master) 30
Reach for the 4th rotation in ENDLESS MODE.

This will take a lot of practice to aim for, as you'll need to clear the game three times in sucession at varying difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard). This can be done in either Original or Advanced, so choose whichever mode you're comfortable with.

Alternatively, when you reach Option Level 40, you will unlock Freeplay, thus you can die as many times as you'd like to the end for each loop, essentially you don't even have to play.

鏡の監視人 (Mirror of Observation) 10
Holdout to the end until Mirror Shield self-destructs.

Mirror Shield is one of the mid-bosses, who appears during AREA 11. All you need to do is dodge its attack pattern which loops four times. Dying during this fight will not void the achievement.

Thanks to AssasinDK for confirming.

Note: This may not unlock in Easy.

エッグハンター (Egg Hunter) 20
All 3 eggs of the transportation warship are destroyed.

During the boss fight at AREA 14, you'll come across a part where the boss heads towards you with three roating purple spheres. You'll need to destroy all of them at this point before it moves away.

Note: This may not unlock in Easy.

せめて名誉の最期を (Attack Honor Finale) 10
Destroy the Kraken of AREA 24 before the enemy's laser.

Kraken is the hand-like enemy that you encounter as a mid-boss in AREA 22, who reappears during AREA 24. This one requires a quick aim as it doesn't last long before being killed by one of the pulsing blue lasers.

Note: This may not unlock in Easy.

弾幕のイージス (Aegis Barrage) 20
Eliminate beyond 512 enemy bullets using a single shield deployment.

I, personally, found this pretty easy to obtain during AREA 16 on ADVANCED HARDEST. There'll be a group of ships that follow a faint pink line. Keep strafing through the onslaught of bullets while trying to avoid being hit by a stray bullet or enemy. Make sure you don't have any powerups to keep your shield at 100.

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