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Another reserve. Will delete if not needed.

Game Settings
> Player Stocks (1-99 availiable)
Changing the default (3) disables score ranking and replay saving.
> Start Stage (1-5 availiable)
Changing the default (1) disables score ranking, replay saving and achievements.
> Ship Type (Type A through D availiable)
> God Mode
Switching on disables saving of game score and achievements.

Effect Settings
> Enemy Alt. Display
> Explosion
> Fragment
> Spark
> Smoke
> Bullet Bloom
> Shadow Mapping
> Bloom Effect

Special Settings
> Collision Display
Allows you to see the hitbox of your ship and enemies.
> Super Shot
Adds a weapon to your ship that shoots out a large bolt that destroys everything on screen, and wipes out bullets.

There are also ten different wallpapers.
Reaching Level 50 will increase your Stock from 10 to 99!

Judgement Silversword - Set Up Mode Unlocks:
BGM TEST (Earned at Option Level 11)
SE TEST (Earned at Option Level 3)
VOICE TEST (Earned at Option Level 18)
SHIPS (1-x) (Earned at Option Level 6 and increases over level)
STAGE (1-x) (Earned at Option Level 5 and increases over level)

Training Mode unlocks at Level 9.

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