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Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
Well, if you read the guide, it tells you the flow of the areas. I really don't want to reupload 25 maps just yet. It's not going to solve your immediate problems if I do that, and it'll be a few hours of work to do that. In the event where people really do get lost in this game (I still don't understand that- most of the maps take 3-5 minutes to traverse once you have all the skills) you can always look at the written guide to see which areas you can go through, as this is a guide for earliest acquisition, not "backtrack to here from the hub".

I'm going to be writing the boss guides today, and if I have time after that, I'll write a text addendum to show flow between maps, since people have been skipping the text guide for just the maps it seems. I'll have to retake a photo of each map's level, and transcribe the marks over.
I too am having an issue with this. Your guide is suited for people following it from the very beginning, which is fine, but those of us who started the game before you made this guide are prone to getting totally lost. I have a splitting headache from the confusion this has caused me. I have all of the marks but one. I looked through your maps and none stuck out to me as "oh, the last one is there," so for the past several hours I've been going through the areas, one by one, checking to see if I have all the ones in that area. Other than the teleports it's extremely confusing how to get from one area to the next. I'll end up spending 5-10 minutes getting to the other end of the map to see where X level transition takes me through complete trial and error, and it ends up being the wrong one, and by the time I've gotten there I've completely forgotten where I was trying to go or which levels I haven't tested, etc.

Leading to me going to the same areas over and over and over again without ever finding that last mark. I tried reading your guide but it still isn't clear where the transitions to each area are, perhaps because it's far more linear when you're going through the game as opposed to when you're almost through with the game and have opened everything up. Therefore someone who's going through the game as they read the guide doesn't need those explanations... but those of us who are almost done do. :\ I finally had to put the controller down because I'm so confused and mentally exhausted from trying to do this.
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