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Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
Alright, first, a question: are you using your in game map to see how many marks are in the level you're on?
Yes but you can't see how many you have left on each level without going to that level. There's no way to see it all in one menu like the Tears of Blood in Bayonetta, for instance. That fact basically makes this achievement a pain.

Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
This isn't a free-roam game, so the directions are easier to interpret on a "first able to obtain" basis, since writing directions is not only inefficient, but the people having trouble with the written part of the guide probably won't gain too much from me adding a wall of text to each mark on "how to obtain it from the hub".
I'm not asking for that, I just think future users of this guide might like a brief sentence for how to get to each area. I don't think it's fair to just "assume" we know how to get to each area. There are some areas I simply cannot find (e.g. Underworld: City of the Dead) through trial and error, which is incredibly frustrating. Like I said, I've already tried to do this without asking for help, but it just resulted in hours of frustration and a migraine headache.

Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
As I'm not home right now, you'll have to wait.
I'll push through the frustration then, as I want to finish this game ASAP so I can move on to another game... but for future reference, the request I made above would help. I don't know why you think we want paragraphs and paragraphs written about each Mark, we just don't know how to navigate the map which makes this infinitely harder.

Originally Posted by IDiivil View Post
3. To reply specifically to you then, Filly, I don't see how you can argue that you aren't sure where X transition leads to Y when you aren't even sure where you've been. To add, how can you tell when a zone is the wrong one? I'm not sure if I really understand where you are getting confused, so... help you navigate, Auburok explained how the hub/crossroads connects to each other... if you start from there and just walk through the levels and check the lower left corner, you should find your answer on which mark is the missing one without losing that much time. In the end, Underworld is connected to Underworld, Sky is Sky, and etc... they are separate. You have to use the hub to get to the other areas (i.e. from Sky to Underworld). You can easily mark them off and figure out what's missing and remove chunks of the game at each time (i.e. UNDERWORLD COMPLETE - NO MARKS MISSING HERE). Then, you won't have to go back there ever again.
*sigh* Okay, clearly I'm not explaining the issue well enough.

I know how to use the "x/x Marks found" feature. I've done that from the start. The map has me going in circles. I go through an area, get all the marks, then say "Ok, now I need to go to this area." And when I try to, I cannot for the life of me find out how to get to some of those locations. I know where I've been (I misspoke; tends to happen when going after an achievement makes you this confused) but it takes me ages of trial and error to try to find an area and some of them I still have not found after hours of exploring. I cannot memorize where each transition leads, so it's just kind of a guess. If I go the wrong way, I've got to turn around and go through that ENTIRE area all over again.

I'll try the list thing, it's just that kind of defeats half the purpose of a guide... I'll do it since I don't want to wait, but the point of a guide is to remove all or most of the effort aside from just playing the game. So I feel like taking my suggestion would help future users of the guide.

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