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Originally Posted by IDiivil View Post
City of the Dead is easy to locate. It's Mark #15, which is right after Mark #14... It's pretty easy to assume that the Underground River should lead to City of the Dead, then. Same basic techniques can be used to understand the other maps.

Edit: Saw your reply to me. It sounds like you are relying too much on the maps (made in order of acquisition) to determine your location, which is what's getting you turned around. You may want to simply close the guide after filling out the sort of information I offered above... or at least give your brain a rest. I could never acquire achievements very well when I was flustered with them.
Yeah, I've taken a break for a few hours. In a minute I think I'll give it another try. I was just too mentally exhausted to start all over and make an exhaustive list. As for relying on the maps, yeah... I wasn't really sure what else to do because the written guide is meant to be used in tandem with progressing through the game, whereas I've already beaten the fourth boss. The written guide makes perfect sense if you don't have all the abilities and therefore you can only go one way at that point in the guide, but for me I could go ANYWHERE on the map and so I'm not sure which exit I'm supposed to take. And if I knew the game well enough to have memorized when/where you get all the abilities I could figure it out, but I don't, so yeah...

Looks like the list (or starting over - ew) is my only option for now. Regardless, thanks for the help.
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