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Originally Posted by TheGamingFilly View Post
I'm not asking for that, I just think future users of this guide might like a brief sentence for how to get to each area. I don't think it's fair to just "assume" we know how to get to each area. There are some areas I simply cannot find (e.g. Underworld: City of the Dead) through trial and error, which is incredibly frustrating. Like I said, I've already tried to do this without asking for help, but it just resulted in hours of frustration and a migraine headache.
From reading the guide, and looking at the mark placement on the map, you can see that City of the Dead is after Underground River. I don't leave a mark empty (0/1) or say "Nothing here yet". Underground River can be found by going through Buried Empire. I'm not even playing the game to tell you this; I'm using the guide posted here. Seriously. I haven't played Underworld in over a week. Just reading the guide, and using the maps. The only area I have memorized is Jungle, just because I had to play it so damn much to beat Rcade junkE's score.

Originally Posted by TheGamingFilly View Post
I'll push through the frustration then, as I want to finish this game ASAP so I can move on to another game...
I'm sorry if you don't enjoy the game. I personally don't play games I don't like, but could be worse: there could be no guide. I originally only took up the achievement guide, but no one stepped up to take on the marks, so I did it. I'm juggling a lot here, and no one is really specific other than the entrances bit on the maps, which is taken care of by the guide. If you'd like to help improve it, please give specific improvements. "This guide needs this, because that's what my problem is". If you need entrances written down, say it. If you need more descriptive instructions on backtracking, say it. Going in to an area over and over to me doesn't say anything as a whole to me, other than you personally are getting lost because you're having trouble keeping track of where you are. Trial and error doesn't speak for itself, unless you do have a control and a variable. Which there isn't here.

Originally Posted by TheGamingFilly View Post
but for future reference, the request I made above would help. I don't know why you think we want paragraphs and paragraphs written about each Mark, we just don't know how to navigate the map which makes this infinitely harder.
I get that impression because people get lost with the guide and don't really explain how other than "I got lost". The guide and maps are to be used together. They aren't helpful on their own unless you are a master of the game, which makes the point moot.

A guide should be used to help you play the game, not do it for you. There's no way to remove all effort on the guide reader's end. You still have to be able to play the game you're trying to use a guide for. I can't honestly believe you spent the amount of time you claim to be in particular areas while being lost. The game's not that big. Hell, you can entirely finish the Jungle area's story section in easily under 20 minutes (it's an achievement, after all). The only section that's much larger is Sky, and the guide is very detailed in terms of backtracking for those marks (along with some city marks).

I'm sorry you're not enjoying the exploration aspect of this game (which is pretty fun, if you like 2D games like Metroid, Castlevania, Shadow Complex, etc) but maybe you've picked a game takes you a little extra work for you personally because it doesn't just "click". There's a lot of other games like this, and guides are about the same. Out of all the places I've linked it to, the complaints I get about getting lost all originate on this website. So without any hard feedback specifically stating "I knew what to do once I had this information", I'm at a loss besides redoing the maps.


You could compromise by just asking me where you need to get to. I could specifically give you directions if I know where you're trying to go. Just saying "I'm lost" without any indication of where you're trying to get to requires a total rework rather than an explanation.

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