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Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
From reading the guide, and looking at the mark placement on the map, you can see that City of the Dead is after Underground River. I don't leave a mark empty (0/1) or say "Nothing here yet". Underground River can be found by going through Buried Empire. I'm not even playing the game to tell you this; I'm using the guide posted here. Seriously. I haven't played Underworld in over a week. Just reading the guide, and using the maps. The only area I have memorized is Jungle, just because I had to play it so damn much to beat Rcade junkE's score.
Mainly the problem was I was in the room in Underworld (Crypt, maybe?) where there are four different level transitions and I was really struggling to remember which ones led where, and my forgetfulness was causing me to run around in circles all over the Underworld level. Most of the levels only had an entrance and then an exit, but ones like Crypt really tripped me up.

Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
I get that impression because people get lost with the guide and don't really explain how other than "I got lost".
I've been running around on SO many different levels that they all kind of blended together, and I couldn't have told you which specific ones (other than that one), or I would have, trust me. When I'm asking somebody to go out of their way to help me, I give as much information as I can give. Sorry for not explaining it well, because that was certainly my fault. My brain was rather scrambled after those hours of confusion to the point where I wasn't sure how to explain it clearly. Hell, I still don't know how to explain it clearly. I feel guilty for even saying anything now because I know you just want to help and that you're getting frustrated with me since you don't know what else to do.

Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
I'm sorry if you don't enjoy the game. I personally don't play games I don't like.

I'm sorry you're not enjoying the exploration aspect of this game (which is pretty fun, if you like 2D games like Metroid, Castlevania, Shadow Complex, etc) but maybe you've picked a game takes you a little extra work for you personally because it doesn't just "click". There's a lot of other games like this, and guides are about the same. Out of all the places I've linked it to, the complaints I get about getting lost all originate on this website. So without any hard feedback specifically stating "I knew what to do once I had this information", I'm at a loss besides redoing the maps.
What makes you think I don't like the game? This one achievement was frustrating, but that doesn't mean I haven't been having a blast with the game. I say I want to move on to the next thing because while I'm having fun with this game, I've got a huge backlog and the only time for me to really put a dent in it is during my Summer vacation, which just started. Don't get it twisted... this is pretty much one of my favorite games ever.

The exploration wasn't really the problem, it's the backtracking and the level design and the fact that I didn't understand how the levels come together. Maybe I'm just stupid, but simply looking at the guide didn't help me (personally) with this particular issue or I would have done that in the first place and saved us both the frustration of breaching this subject.

Originally Posted by Auburok View Post
I can't honestly believe you spent the amount of time you claim to be in particular areas while being lost. The game's not that big. Hell, you can entirely finish the Jungle area's story section in easily under 20 minutes (it's an achievement, after all). The only section that's much larger is Sky, and the guide is very detailed in terms of backtracking for those marks (along with some city marks).
Please don't do me the disservice of calling me a liar. I have no reason to I don't play 2D platformers--like, ever--and while I consider myself decent at the game, the later levels take me some time to get through. And like I said, I did go through Origin - Sky, round and round in circles, MANY times, so yes, I did spend several hours total looking for the mark without finding it before I had to take a break.

After I gave my brain a bit of a rest, I picked it back up and found the last mark I needed was in Eternity--which I thought I'd cleared all the marks in. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Again, I'm honestly sorry for even bringing this up in the first place and for being a bother. Thanks for the guide, in any case.
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