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Originally Posted by TheGamingFilly View Post
The exploration wasn't really the problem, it's the backtracking and the level design and the fact that I didn't understand how the levels come together.
I guess by compromise I could make a sub-guide for backtracking. I'm not sure how successful I could be with that. Underworld is split in the beginning level between the left side, and the bottom side. I can't remember where the teleports are, though. They may be pushed to one of the halves, which would make the backtrack guide just sort of glaze over them in favor for the side with less/no teleports. Can't remember clearly as it's been a while in the Underworld.

Originally Posted by TheGamingFilly View Post
Please don't do me the disservice of calling me a liar. I have no reason to :| I don't play 2D platformers--like, ever--and while I consider myself decent at the game, the later levels take me some time to get through. And like I said, I did go through Origin - Sky, round and round in circles, MANY times, so yes, I did spend several hours total looking for the mark without finding it before I had to take a break.
I didn't call you a liar. I just had a hard time believing as much time was spent in circles considering how short the game seemed to me. Like many the first time around: when I missed a mark, I just ran through the game all over from start to finish (except I realized I missed the secret Jungle area the first time around getting that mark). A break often helps with any game. I want to make the guide more accessible so I'm not coming to the forum a year from now to explain things, so preventing someone from going in circles is in my best interest, especially in this case where it gave you a headache. Not exactly something I'd want to come from my guide's use, right? It's also desirable that my guide have additional coverage on problematic or marks that are missed more often than others.

Originally Posted by TheGamingFilly View Post
After I gave my brain a bit of a rest, I picked it back up and found the last mark I needed was in Eternity--which I thought I'd cleared all the marks in. Just thought I'd let you guys know. Again, I'm honestly sorry for even bringing this up in the first place and for being a bother. Thanks for the guide, in any case.
You're not a bother; like I said, I'm looking for hard feedback to amend or delete as needed. I'm just eager to fix infinite search loops my guide might have started. That's all. I'd rather this guide be the end-all solution than one of many: works for some, not all. While the maps need to be redone at some point to incorporate energy and life upgrades (probably no info in the guide, though, because of character limits) and including zone names by popular demand, there's still the select few (not including you) that imply they want additional directions, but don't specify if they mean more text, or arrows on the map, or anything at all, really. You seem more verbose than the last ones, so I picked your brain.

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