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Originally Posted by Beer N Midgets View Post
Is Microsoft really to blame for this game being $15 though? I'm pretty sure this is coming to PSN too, and it'll most likely be the same price.
Probably we should blame the publisher - EA? I remember their game Shank, which costs 1200pts too. Bought it day 1 and wasnt't worth it at that price. I'll pass this time. 600pts on DOTW after 1-2 months.

800 points is an absolute steal for a game. Also harder for devs to get paid on.
Only few devs has made good money from 1200pts games so far - Chair, The Behemoth, Playdead Studios
For the rest price like this is just a nail in their coffin, because huge procent of the gamers doesn't even bother to download a trial for these games.

How excellent games like Bangai-o HD and Outland are 800pts with as much content (if not even more) as gatling gears? Just don't want to support the trend called ''1200pts'' anymore.

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