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Originally Posted by swamptastic View Post
I've played many arcade games longer than some retail, and for a quarter of the price or less.
I agree entirely with the quote above. I am a avid arcade gamer who owns well over 250 arcade games. I have bought plenty of them in the past at the 1200 price point. While some may be worth the 1200 price, I sadly found out that most were not. Some were almost criminal to sell at 1200 (Virtual On, NBA Unrivaled, Fret Nice, Faery, etc).

For 1200 points one should expect a game to be better than a 800 point game, but it is rarely the case. Like Sepultaras666 said with his examples of Bangai-o HD and Outland, many of the 800 games are better. For a substantial increase in price you would think there would be some distinctions between 1200 and 800 point games, but there is not.

I started this thread because I am tired of the 1200 point games, and I will not support that price point. You can convince yourself that the price is justified, and that I am missing out on a great game. Will you say the same thing when 1600 point arcade games become commonplace?
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