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Originally Posted by sepulturas666 View Post
Only few devs has made good money from 1200pts games so far - Chair, The Behemoth, Playdead Studios
For the rest price like this is just a nail in their coffin, because huge procent of the gamers doesn't even bother to download a trial for these games.
This actually gives evidence for my point. We the gamers are at fault they don't make better money from this. We think these games aren't worth 1200 points so we don't download the trial. If more of us would support this price point the devs would make more money. Yes, it's great when devs offer 800 point games which are worth more. The point is they're selling them for less than they should because they want cheap-ass gamers to buy the game. If they thought they could have a hit at the 1200 point level, they'd sell at that level. Not all games are worth 1200 points, of course. And I certainly appreciate purchasing 800 and 400 point games which are worth that price. But I support the 1200 price point when I feel it makes sense for the game.
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