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Originally Posted by BANNED! View Post
You can convince yourself that the price is justified, and that I am missing out on a great game. Will you say the same thing when 1600 point arcade games become commonplace?
I purchased GTA IV: The Lost and Damned for 1600 points. Thought it was well worth it. But your argument is false. Supporting a reasonable price point of 1200 when the value of the game matches the amount doesn't necessarily mean we are enabling devs to charge an even higher price. It means we're showing the devs with our money - which is like a vote, to some extent - we value their product. We're giving them just a little extra on the off-chance they'll make a profit and create another great game. If you can't afford it, I understand that. But that's a different issue. The issue here is devs are artists and they deserve to make a decent living making the things we enjoy. Ever heard of inflation? If we don't pay the devs more money as prices increase elsewhere, they'll simply go out of business.
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