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Originally Posted by swamptastic View Post
If you can't afford it, I understand that. But that's a different issue.
Like I stated in a earlier post, I already own 250+ arcade games. I also own around 200 retail games, so for me this is not about being able to afford the games. For me not buying 1200 point games is the principle of the matter. 1200 point games continue to be released that are simply not worth the price. As a consumer I decided to take a stand and not support this trend.

Swamptastic mentions supporting the developers, and as my purchasing history dictates, I have supported them. I also support American dairy farmers, but if the price of milk jumped from $3 to $5 because the dairy farmers just wanted more money, I would not support them either. There is no difference in quality between a $3 and $5 gallon of milk, and that is the issue I am having with 1200 point games. There is no better value in a 1200 point game than a 800 point game.

Originally Posted by swamptastic View Post
Ever heard of inflation? If we don't pay the devs more money as prices increase elsewhere, they'll simply go out of business.
Sorry but I do not agree with this logic. Because of inflation, consumers essentially have less money and purchasing power. But according to your rational we should "give them (developers) a little extra" for them overpricing a game while we have less money to spend? If this makes you happy, then by all means continue. However, I take no satisfaction in knowing I overpaid for something.
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