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My main grudge with Mouse Trap is in its remix version.

Although stallionsafty above mentions that his games took forever, I only wish I could make them last forever. We're lucky to keep one going for 10 mins, never mind long enough to unlock the spanner or Da Vinci achievements.

I have the achievements mentionned and I was incredibly lucky to get them in my FIRST game but my partner did not get them.

I wouldn't mind the game rewarding so much cheese if the traps would take away more than 1/8th of a cheese wheel. Landing on a cheese wheel space gives you 2 x 1/8th pieces. That really does not balance the game.

What's worse is you could purposely lose them in the traps but the game then drops the lost piece of cheese on a random space on the board, forcing you to collect it on passing. They may be lost in the trap but they will come back and run you down.

The achievements on Mouse Trap remix are incredibly luck based.


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