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I'll make another reserve, just incase I need to move some parts over to another post. As for now, the layout and descriptions for all achievements are finished.

In progress: Reaching Level 50 in Judgement Silversword, and providing information on assigned achievements. This could take over a week.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think switching any of the Special Options on disables certain achievements (such as clearing the game on any difficulty). I was able to unlock Aegis Barrage with Collision Display on, but not get credit for clearing Advanced Hardest.

I can sort of understand if this is the case, as Super Shot is game breaking, and makes Time Attack an absolute joke. I'll have to figure out if they do indeed disable achievements, but the Japanese discription in-game doesn't make this entirely clear, unless I'm miscomprehending it.

UPDATE: Switched off all Special Options, with starting stock at 10. Recieved credit for clearing Original Hard, so I believe that these do infact partly disable achievements, more reason I guess behind this is that by default, they're off. If anyone can prove otherwise, please do.

UPDATE 2: Completed Easy on Judgement Silversword, didn't recieve credit. I'm guessing that unlike Eschatos, you cannot change stock setting and still get achievements. If this is truly the case, some of them will end up being much harder to attain.

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