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Here is what I used in the Online Battles and often won:

Hero: Fiona
Core: 3x Skeleton (you might also use 2x Skeleton + 1x Ebon Guard, but it's higher attack power doesn't realy pay out for the additional charging time)
Elite: Vampire
Champion: Death Knight
Artifact (needed!!!): Spider Cloak

Explanation: The Spider Cloak is the key to this tactic, altrough it's like playing russian roulette. You loose 75% of your Max HP, meaning you only have 25HP max instead of the usual 100HP the whole fight! But here is the deal: All your formations get 75% more PWR, so they hit the enemy hero much harder and they can take more damage! That way your skeleton attack formations can easly take up one and often even two enemy attack formations (of whichever core unit), meaning they often crush a whole enemy column and still doing some minor damage to the hero. On the other hand while defending an enemy attack formation this means the enemy often don't even comes beyond your first attack formation in that column. Second to that a charging Death Knight weakens the enemy attack formations (in reach) even further. Because of this and the fact that he will one hit the enemy hero even after doing much damage in the columns before (often he will deal around 150 damage to the enemy hero in such a situation), you should get him charged as soon as possible! Done that you might already have won that battle, because even if the enemy focuses on taking down the Death Knight he won't ever deal enough damage to kill him.
But there are still chances you might loose, because your low HP are your biggest (and maybe only) weakness! I don't suggest building much walls, because your attack formations even do a great deal in defending, but you should be aware of never letting a column open for an enemy attack! Especially any elite or champion unit, because they are likely to one hit you too! If you get hit by a core unit attack formation it's not too worse, you can heal up again with an attack of a Vampire, that's why you have taken them with you.
If your hero's special ability is ready you should reserve 2 moves for it. First draw in all your dead units, use the special and then draw again. You are likely to deal 30+ points of damage that way. So kill any charging enemy champion or elite unit, reduce the enemies attack formations in one of your open columns or deal the final blow to the enemy hero with it. Do whatever serves your situation best.
WARNING: This tactic doesn't work much against heroes with special abilities that can deal direct damage to your hero. Especialy meaning Anwen with her arrows. Only one needs to be fired in an open column and your are instantly killed! Basically your only chance to win against her is to kill her before her special ability is charged up, but the odds for this are quite low. If you are fighting against such a hero I suggest switching the Spider Cloak for the Crown of Thorns and see if you can pull out a victory "normally". Meaning doing everything like before but without the benefits of doing much more damage and maybe building some more walls. Other heroes you might stand no chance against is basically another Fiona. But Godric, Aidan and Cyrus can also serve you a headache, alltrough you can defend them more easyly because they can't one hit you with just one open column.

--Weak against any undefended attack
--Not working against certain heroes

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