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mine worked fine with the exception of step 5. where you say insert the USB and start a new game to get a auto save. every time i hit new game it would freeze on the screen where it says episode 1 and had the blue light. i did find a work around though to get it saved even though it didnt create an actual save file it still worked. after you remove your USB at the CRAPCOM logo and then go in to check your journals instead of starting a new game i went into the options and changed the difficulty and it saved when i backed out of the options. after that i dashboarded and then reloaded the game and accepted the update, checked my journals again and they were still empty, then i started the new game and it worked great. thanks for the method.

EDIT: ok heres my story after i got my stats reset like i posted above i began my run through on casual and made it to Episode 2-4 Breaking camp. i began my long tech point grind. after grinding for a while i wasnt sure how many i needed to fully upgrade so at 133,000 i went to the box on 2-4 and did the bahamut method putting each gun in slot 1 and upgrading it waiting like 5-10 seconds inbetween purchases. i got all my guns done and opened my jetpack and realized i was 9,000 short lol the last jetpack upgrade was 15,000 and i only had 5700. i was like CRAP. so i ran breaking camp 2 more times and after killing all the second wave UFOs i went back to the box and purchased the last jetpack upgrade. i held my breath and no achieve... i exited the box menu and sat waiting for near 20 seconds and no achieve. i went back to the box and opened it again and BAM achievement unlocked. i stayed online the whole time as im die hard on having my achieves all dated. so stay online or do it offline its your choice. so i confirm this method works as well along with molloy2006. also in case you dont know make sure you have around 142,000 to 145,000 to be safe. hope this info along with the stat reset method helps others.
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