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Originally Posted by Todaysforgotten View Post
I get it, but if you're saving this purchase simply to save a few dollars on getting achievements...well thats about as pointless as getting achievements in the first place.
Achievements do not factor into any of my XBLA purchases, and Gatling Gears is no exception. I have never knowingly bought a shitty game just because I wanted the achievement points. (although I have bought games that I turned out to dislike). I think anyone who purchases a game solely for the achievements is spending their money foolishly and is missing the point of playing video games.

However, people value achievements differently, and I respect that. Even though you say achievements are pointless, they must hold a little value to you otherwise you probably would have never registered on this site. I feel like you do, but to a lesser extent, about the notion that achievements are arbitrary, but I admit they sometimes give me a feeling of accomplishment.

Regardless whether we like them or not, achievements are here to stay and have forever changed the landscape of video games.
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